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Dear Shannon and Steve,

It brings tears to my eyes to look back and see all the great things your family has meant to me. Your sons are among the highlights in my life. Seeing them grow as people has been a tremendous gift to me. I can honestly say I do not know two finer young men. The foundation and environment you created for your children is a great model for others to follow.

I really appreciate the support and trust you had in me, allowing me to be an Extention of you at times to help mold and inspire them. Tonight Tanner goes to his prom, an evening he has earned a million times over. He is such a good person at times I am just taken back by the site of it. The love and opportunities you all gave Dillon he made the most of and he has had a great effect on tanner.

This good example has helped keep Jeff and others on track and all three of these boys are inspiring countless children every day. Just a month ago when asked what motivated Max Novak to change he said Tanner. When asking Tanner he credits Dillon. You Know how many children look to your sons as their heroes? Countless. There is still work to be done - I have found as they go to college they re-learn life through errors and learning curves. But I can't help but sit back and be grateful that I was able to be a part of your journey. As parents you do the hard work, often get little or none of the credit, and I'm lucky enough to step in late in the game to enjoy watching your early labors bear fruit.

I hope my efforts were a positive fertilizer for their growth and I'm committed to do anything I can if and when they need a hand. I hope this is not the last I hear from you guys. You are part of our family too and I know that connection will stay strong. I will always remember the years of help at tournaments and good times with Steve, Tommy's selfless love for Vongman and others and the trust and care you have given me Shannon. A fond memory as well are the Shannon phone calls, always honest, direct and fair. Our program is better and improved in many ways as a direct result of those calls. It's a miracle what your family has done in such a short time in our tennis family. They have made the deepest of marks on all our souls. I will never forget. Never.

Thank you Ryan
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