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This last weekend is going down in the books! I look back at this past year and I can't believe the journey we have been a part of. For us 3 to all come back after graduation, to still be friends and brought together by the very sport and organization that got is into college and the ability to play tennis at a semi pro level.

My whole life starting in elementary school, then high school and especially college I have always been trying to fit in with the "cool kids" and in doing so I never was my true self. I smoked pot, drank, xxxxx (mistreated) girls a lot of times because I wanted to fit in, have stories to tell my boys and I got false confidence from that. In this last year I've been able to live simply and ride those falsities. I've never been happier!

We can all be ourselves in the most raw and pure of ways. Wolf, you have created this environment and we are living in it. Entering the "real world" is scary as sh** after college because you don't have another vacation or spring break or internship to fall into. It's the end of the ultimate chapter at that time in a persons life.

Warren Buffet is famous for his quote for saying he will stop what he is doing when he stops having fun. And we are having way too much fun, living the life of no regret, healthy life style, no conflict and full of simple truths. Seņor, I cannot express my gratitude for you in my life and I know you don't like cheesy notes but you know this is genuine and real. G and Fred you are my best friends and it's been an unbelievable start to our young lives. Let's keep it rolling!!


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