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I am thankful to God, because Lorenzi Racquet Club "No Quit Academy" gave me the opportunity to attend the NJTL leadership camp in Atlanta, Georgia (2010). I had never flown before and was very excited. The first night I was homesick because I missed my family, but I stuck it out and made great friends, went to the Martin Luther King Museum, ate great food and learned to be a better listener. Furthermore, in the last year with all my coaches' encouragement, (Coach James, Tim, Mark, Billy, Claudia and Danny) I have improved my game and traveled to national tournaments. The most important lesson that I have learned from my NJTL, Lorenzi Racquet Club No Quit Academy and the Marty Hennessy Foundation is to be respectful to everyone on and off the court.

Tennis is a sport I enjoy because it is a competitive and mental sport. The most important thing in tennis is to be able to go on the court and have mentally toughness (Sixteen Second Cure). On the court, you cannot lose your mind in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd set, but remember everything your coaches taught you. In the end, if you play your hardest and have a great attitude your coaches, friends, and parents will be proud (even if you lose).
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