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Foundations Mission

To inspire children in need through mentoring, tennis and education.


To create a pathway for children in need to receive the best possible mentoring, tennis and educational training possible.

To have a far reaching leadership program that can introduce recreational tennis to as many children possible, while also offering a high performance element allowing children to go as far as a college scholarship, if they choose to do so.

To develop leaders of the world, who are kind, hard working, competitive, and close to conscience.

To identify and welcome a diverse group of children to our programs

To educate each family on our program, our expectations and how it can benefit them.

To create the ultimate environment where children love to play tennis, are inspired to get great grades, are motivated by a positive social life and armed with life skills to help them be successful on and off the court.

To create a safe and inspirational environment to keep children off the streets, on the court and into the classroom, while making it fun and rewarding.

To educate each child and family on the programs expectations, and requirements.

To inspire the children to be the best they can be, to appreciate and thank our supporters and to make the most of this unique opportunity.

To create an all encompassing program that addresses every need of a child’s development including but not limited to:
a. the highest quality tennis training
b. the tools and resources to be successful in the classroom
c. positive social life by implementing a full schedule
d. mentors and inspirational speakers that will inspire them to see all the possibilities for their lives.
e. a healthy diet and nutrition schedule
f. How to stay positive with family members, friends and opponents
g. How to avoid the false fun of drugs, alcohol and the party life, but instead see the joy of working hard, being responsible and being kind towards others

To recruit and maintain the best coaching, tutoring and administrative staff with the understanding that g reat people can make great things happen.

To seek out contributors both intellectually and financially supportive of our mission

To educate, inspire and thank our donors and staff

To create a pathway for any child that wishes can obtain a college scholarship for tennis and or an education

To create in all of our programs a sensitivity to diversity, character and attitude.

To arm the children with life skills and experiences that will help them succeed in a variety of areas.

To instill independence and confidence in children by giving them the tools to find greatness in themselves.


Right now our ?Leadership program? maintains 25-40 players and has a 90% success rate in getting children off the streets, into the class room, onto the tennis court, and into college scholarships. Our greatness program touches 500 children a year, and through their example have impacted thousands.


Our tutoring and mentoring program has resulted in a Foundation 3.7 Grade point average among our leadership program students. We just added a new free Chinese language lessons program, and match tutors with children in need.


Our high performance Leadership program is an incentive for all our beginners and intermediates to strive for the traveling team which has many educational, inspirational and tennis benefits beyond our normal programming. Training 6 days a week, 3-5 hours a day has resulted in all our players on track to get a college scholarship for tennis.


We strive to bring the community together through an annual Nate Schulman Masters Series of tournaments "Treats the children like pro's," inspiring them to train and compete at a higher level all year long. Children get free sweatshirts, t-shirts, catered food, and winners get all-expense-paid trip to Pacific Life Open and awards banquet and tennis ball sit down dinner.


This is the highlight of the year for the children, as they are awarded and given the chance to dress up, eat a nice dinner, and dance all night. This is one of our greatest events for the children.


Our East Coast Leadership tour took 13 people to 8 east coast cities and exposed them to 16 Ivy League AND OTHER Universities, 15 daily inspirational speakers, historical sites, and some of the country's nicest tennis courts where they played on grass courts.

Our parent seminars help guide families on how to get a scholarship and how to raise a champion in arts, education, and athletics.

We have established a "Straight A's Club" which gives incentives to children that get all A's, and offers special trips for those that make it.

A Book Club that inspires children to read about what they are interested in.

A free SAT prep program that gives children an SAT prep course.


Goes to national tournaments to help children get the ranking it takes to get college scholarships.


"Whole Foods, healthy eating program" educates children on the benefits of "Eating Right to Feel Right." Most o f our children no longer drink soda or eat junk food. Trips to Whole Foods grocery stores and restaurants shows them first hand that eating right can also taste good.


Foundation helps children with entry fee scholarships for tournaments, travel grants, and the Goyak College scholarship.


We create a positive social life to prevent a negative one. This includes Broadway plays, musicals, hikes, movies with a positive message, rafting, karaoke, golf, soccer, sledding, tubing, etc..


Primarily, the way we "change children's lives" through tennis is by mentoring and counseling the players and parents on the principles of life, which include;

How not to get upset
How to deal with pressure
How to welcome adversity
Being honest
How to be a leader
How by doing right, you feel right.
Difference between real fun and false fun
The glory and confidence that comes from hard work
Confidence through accomplishment and attitude
Attitude is everything
No Quit
Stay Calm
You can do anything, as long as you are willing to do what it takes


As part of our "Positive social life" and "mentoring" programs we educate the children on the long term effects and consequences that come from choosing drugs and alcohol, as well as the positive effects of choosing other productive activities instead. We use case studies and walk them through the stages of drug and alcohol use and where it leads. We also walk them through the stages of successful choice making.


Helped establish the first Nevada Tennis Hall of Fame event
Annual Tony Bennett Fundraiser
Annual Marty Hennessy Charity Tennis Tournament
Annual Raffle

Philosophy & Programs

Instill independence, self-confidence by:

1. MENTORING PROGRAM- This is the most significant part of our program. Children need someone who wants to know what they are doing, who takes an interest in their success, failure, and struggles. Just being able to discuss things gets issues out on the table and resolved. Otherwise, a child’s feelings get s tuffed down and this creates conflict, which can result in bad behavior. Our mentoring program is significant, and entails a daily interest talking to each child about their grades, about their tennis, about their worries and anxieties, about their relationship with their parents and about their future possibilities. Kids for what many reasons rebel against parents at 12-18 and we help the children see that what their parents want for them is good. To me this is what this Foundation is about. The tennis is just a vehicle to change a child’s life and inspire them to be the best they can be. Our goal is to develop the leaders of the world, who are kind, hard working, competitive, and close to conscience. This formula we know will help children overcome the pressure to do the wrong thing in relationships, with alcohol and other destructive substances or lifestyles. If they feel right by doing right, they will not need false ways to feel right.
This is achieved by taking the children to meals one on one, to movie night, having inspirational speakers, trips and training hard.

2. ALLOWING KIDS TO EARN THEIR OPPORTUNITIES ? Our work program is a significant part of character building. By earning your scholarship you appreciate what you are being given. By doing this the discipline of working for what you get instills confidence and a sense of reality which helps them become stronger. The work program also teaches them skills that they will use later in life such as; fundraising, organizing and working on events, and manual labor.
-Cleaning Courts
-Helping with tournaments and fundraiser
-Helping Pro’s
-Volunteering to help non-profit partners
-Teach tennis to beginner programs


Academy Training ? Marty Hennessy donates their time to the Foundation to give the kids free training 5 days a week, 2-3 hours a day. The Foundation hires the additional pros. The children by a certain age are required to work in exchange for this benefit, so they can appreciate the value of what they are given. The Foundation has added private and semi-private lessons to help the top children develop into better players. We negotiate with local pros for discounted rates. They are also asked to sell raffle tickets, so they can learn to communicate, sell and discover how to accept a ?no? and keep trying.

Travel Team ? In order to get a college scholarship a player has to qualify to get20into national tournaments and win to get a national ranking. The Foundation’s traveling team helps children who train to qualify for nationals, but can not afford the high cost of travel. We rent a van, pay for hotel rooms, and Marty and Ryan donate their time to take the children to 10 or 11 events a year.

Tutoring Program ? Children struggling with the B average requirement, or who are striving for all A’s and have one course they need help with, the Foundation arranges for a tutor.

4. JUNIOR REPORTER PROGRAM THROUGH VEGASTENNIS.COM ? Juniors take photos and write articles that are then published on Articles that are very good are published in INSIDE TENNIS magazine.

a. GPA minimum requirement of 3.0 (within one year of joining)
b. Average Team GPA of 3.7
c. SAT score monitoring
d. Tutoring when needed

a. Beginner clinics
b. Tournaments on all levels, local, sectional and national
c. Treat the kids like pro’s at local tournaments, inspire them with our production and offerings
d. A traveling team to sectional and national events, with free or subsidized costs ($200.00 per trip verses the $600.00 to $1,000.00 it would cost on their own.)
e. Mentoring on attitude and mental toughness
f. College scholarship counseling
g. Developmental plan
h. Annual tournament schedule


Many of these children do not think of going to college or spend the appropriate amount of time figuring out where they can go or how to get in. The Foundation sponsors a ?How to get a college scholarship? seminar twice a year. We also offer college scholarship and placement counseling. We help juniors and seniors determine where they want to go and set up a plan to get there, including contacting coaches, building a resume and updating coaches monthly on progress, creating a DVD video of their game and attitude, and amassing resources and references to help them get into that school. Part of this is taking the free SAT course we offer and monitoring their grades all along to make sure they are attractive to schools. We also set their tournament schedule to peak their ranking and coach’s interest.
< /div>
a. SAT course free
b. Tutoring for kids in need
c. College placement counseling
d. Free ?How to get a college scholarship? seminars
e. Monitoring grades

8. SOCIAL LIFE AND ETIQUETTE PROGRAM - Creating a positive social life for the children occupies their down time and eliminates their need to create an alternate social life, which we have found can conflict with the values of their parents and our program. We strive to do things that are fun and give them a re st from their training and school, while at the same time elevating their expectations for their life. Taking them to The East Coast leadership tour, a Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera, to Red Rock and other educational and cultural experiences broadens their horizons, so they can see all the possibilities for their life.
a. East Coast Education, Tennis, and Leadership Tour
b. Movie nights
c. Sledding
d. Boat rental
e. Phantom of the Opera
f. Blue Man Group
g. Red Rock and Mt. Charleston trips
h. Locals plays and concerts
i. Mentor lunches with local leaders

A few parents lose sight of a Childs need for a healthy social life and only focus on training them in tennis, while a few do not care enough to know where they are and what their social life is. We have found this program to be a great solution to these common problems.
Manners and life skills are taught to arm the children to be able to shine in an y environment and make great first and lasting impressions.

LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST - We have CEO’S, Star athletes, political, business, entertainment and community leaders offer advice through our Leadership breakfast.

Those who have found the secrets to success are delighted to share their experience and understanding to inspire this generation. We have gotten Entertainment legend and advisory board members Tony Bennett and Tennis legend Mike Agassi, Real estate tycoon Bob Schulman. In Philadelphia we had Hall of Fame basketball player and coach Billy Cunningham, who also owned the Miami Heat professional basketball team; Tennis legend Billie Jean King; Jim Murray, Founder of Ronald McDonald House, Former GM of super bowl Philadelphia Eagles, Promoter of the Michael Jackson Tour; Brian O’Neill, Real-estate tycoon and entrepreneur worth $4 billion; Car Industry mogul and Film Producer Eustace Wolfington; Casino owner20and developer Bruce Eichner; Villanova final 4 coach Jay Wright; St. Joseph’s final 4 coach Phil Martelli; and NCAA player of the year and 1st round draft pick Jameer Nelson.

CHARACTER BUILDING ?The Foundation offers mentoring and training on how to present oneself, greet people, speak to a crowd, sell yourself, organize events, and ask people for things and help via our fundraising. As they get older we bring them into the annual fundraiser planning meetings, set up lunches with local and national leaders to get advice, introduce them to politicians, their supporters and show them how to present themselves. Most importantly we coach them on issues about life, such as how to not get angry at people or situations, how to let things go, how to be p atient, to be honest and do the right thing; how to never quit, make no excuses and get the job done; how to hard work, be disciplined, take responsibility and become illuminated with the principles of life. A personality profile is done to help the kids know their strengths and encourage them in that direction.

Mentoring Is Our Foundation

The most important thing we do on and off the court is mentor children on the principles of life.

These principles include:

"NO QUIT" is something we describe and instill in children each time they have adversity and it seems that things are not working out.

"STAY CALM" in moments of high pressure and competition. This prepares children for the many challenges in life, where the best response is a calm and measured one.

"NO ANGER" applies on the court and off, whether it's a tough match or an argument among teammates and parents. Letting go of frustration is paramount in helping children build healthy attitudes.

"HONESTY" applies on and off the court with parents, opponents, and coaches. Through day-to-day interaction we show children the benefit of honest and direct communication.

"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING" points out that if you do the right thing, giving 100% intensity with a great attitude, then everything will work out, and you will obtain self satisfaction, regardless if you win or loose.

"EARN YOUR SUCCESS" is the foundation of our work program. We strive to instill appreciation for the opportunities these children are being given, and a good work ethic which can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Children have to clean courts, help with events, and any other odd jobs assigned on a weekly basis. The Foundation believes work builds a child's character and gives them a realistic sense of what it takes to provide the opportunities they receive.

"GREAT GRADES" is something we enforce by checking our players' grade point averages monthly. The Foundation children average a 3.7 GPA, and our first two gradates have gained entry into top colleges, playing Division 1 tennis on a full or partial scholarship. For students who are struggling, we arrange for tutors, and for all students we provide an SAT prep program free of charge.

"HEALTH SOCIAL LIFE" is something we created to help children avoid an unhealthy social life which can happen when they have nothing to do and are bored. By creating movie nights (thanks to Johnny Brenden Theatres), fun trips, and cultural events such as Phantom of the Opera (thanks to The Venetian Resort), we help children create a healthy social life that is fun and improves their minds. Events have included a Dana Point, California beach trip (thanks to the Schulmans), concerts (thanks to the Belton family), Hoover Dam and Colorado River Hike, Sledding in Utah, East Coast Leadership Tour, Water Park, Swing Dancing, Karaoke, Golf, Trips to Pro Events (such as WTA, Pacific Life, and World Team Tennis), and Soccer.

"WRITING AND READING FOR INTELLIGENCE" is a program which strives to make children aware that intelligence comes from reading and writing. To inspire children to do more of both, we have a junior reporter program which lets them write articles and have them published on Articles that are extremely good can get published in INSIDE TENNIS MAGAZINE, and junior reporters that show promise are given "Junior Reporter" press credentials at professional tennis tournaments. We also ask the children to read a book not assigned in school as part of the development of their character and mind.

"HEALTHY DIET" is a program we use to educate children on the benefits of eating right, illuminating the principle that if you eat right, you will feel right. Many of the kids now drink NAKED JUICE instead of soda and frequent WILD OATS and WHOLE FOODS.

"FOUNDATION PROGRAMS" which use tennis to inspire children include:
Tennis for Las Vegas Orphans
College Scholarship Seminar
Tennis Carnivals
Mike Agassi Tennis Carnival
Educational Tutoring
Free Inner City Middle School Clinics
National Ranking Travel Team
SAT Preparation
College Planning


Who We Help

We help the lower and lower-middle income families that at the end of the month have paid their bills but do not have the extra money needed to offer their child a sport, or the kind of training and travel needed to get a college scholarship. The children whose parents are fully occupied making a living to pay the bills, we can help by offering their children a past time to help mold their character and make them strong, intelligent, and wise. There are a few players that are not financially challenged and these players have to pay for the programs. We have found they add to the quality of the program and its diversity.

Our players come from a variety of backgrounds, Latino, African American, Polish-American, Philippino, Jewish, and European. Family’s that ask for help are asked to fill out an application on and are given support based on need, attitude and what they are willing to do to earn it.< /div>

We also help existing non-profit Foundations through tennis grants, partnerships and programming for:

Boys and Girls Club
Boys and Girls Town orphanage
Arthur Ashe Tennis Foundation
NET Tennis Association
George MacCall Foundation
Girls Scouts of Southern Nevada
Nevada Tennis Association
Middle States Tennis Association
Intermountain Tennis Association
Rivera Community Center
Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club
City of Las Vegas parks and recreation
Clark County parks and recreation


Marty Hennessy Foundation was created 5 years ago, with the need of one child, Frederic Prandecki. From that point on it has organically grown to 5 annual fundraisers and a passion of its own, complete with alumni, tradition and a sense of family. This Foundation was a labor of love started by Ryan Wolfington and Marty Hennessy and has grown to include almost the whole of the Southern Nevada Tennis community.

With 17 children in college on scholarship playing tennis directly because of the Foundation, a set of lifetime relationships hav e been put into motion and are reunited each college break. As a result, this group of children, mentors and donors has taken on a meaning deeper then anyone could have ever imagined.


Raised close to 1 million dollars in 5 years

17 children on scholarship playing college tennis

15 kids went to the Bollettieri camp.

40 kids went to summer camp with 5 days of free training.

The traveling junior team went to 14+ tournaments/events.

50 kids went to pro tournaments and met their heroes.

Over 60 kids got entry fee scholarships.

Orphaned kids at Girls and Boys Town received free tennis lessons monthly.

Hundreds of kids participated in "Treat the Kids like Pros" tournaments and "How to get a college scholarship" seminars.

We had free match play for all kids once a week.

Kids discovered the value of a work ethic through our work program.

Got kids names and pictures in the paper for their accomplishments.

Counseled kids to better appreciate their parents and not be frustrated.

Tutored and mentored ki ds in our Foundation to have an average 3.8 GPA.

Mentoring helped kids see a bigger dream, a bigger vision.

13 children experience the East Coast Leadership tour to 8 cities, 15 speakers and 15 Universities.

Tennis Warehouse
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Luxury Homes
Exposure Photography

  Ryan's Letters to Donors