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Instill independence, self-confidence by:

1. MENTORING PROGRAM- This is the most significant part of our program. Children need someone who wants to know what they are doing, who takes an interest in their success, failure, and struggles. Just being able to discuss things gets issues out on the table and resolved. Otherwise, a child’s feelings get stuffed down and this creates conflict, which can result in bad behavior. Our mentoring program is significant, and entails a daily interest talking to each child about their grades, about their tennis, about their worries and anxieties, about their relationship with their parents and about their future possibilities. Kids for what ever reason rebel against parents at 12-18 and we help the children see that what their parents want for them is good. To me this is what this Foundation is about. The tennis is just a vehicle to change a child’s life and inspire them to be the best they can be. Our goal is to develop the leaders of the world, who are kind, hard working, competitive, and close to conscience. This formula we know will help children overcome the pressure to do the wrong thing in relationships, with alcohol and other destructive substances or lifestyles. If they feel right by doing right, they will not need false ways to feel right.

2. ALLOWING KIDS TO EARN THEIR OPPORTUNITIES – Our work program is a significant part of character building. By earning your scholarship you appreciate what you are being given. In doing so the discipline of working for what you get instills confidence and a sense of reality which will help them become stronger. The work program also teaches them skills that they will use later in life, such as fundraising, organizing and working on events, and manual labor.
-Cleaning Courts
-Helping with tournaments and fundraiser
-Helping Pro’s
-Volunteering to help non-profit partners
-Teach tennis to beginner programs

Academy Training – Marty Hennessy and Ryan Wolfington donate our time to the Foundation to give the kids free training 5 days a week, 2-3 hours a day. This is no cost to the Foundation or the players. They are required to work in exchange for this benefit, so they can appreciate the value of what they are given. The Foundation has added private and semi-private lessons to help the top children develop into better players. We negotiate with local pros for discounted rates.

Travel Team – In order to get a college scholarship a player has to qualify to get into national tournaments and win to get a national ranking. The Foundation’s traveling team helps children who train to qualify for nationals, but can not afford the high cost of travel. We rent a van, pay for hotel rooms, and Marty and Ryan donate their time to take the children to 10 or 11 events a year.

Tutoring Program – Children struggling with the B average requirement, or who are striving for all A’s and have one course they need help with, the Foundation arranges for a tutor.

4. JUNIOR REPORTER PROGRAM THROUGH VEGASTENNIS.COM – Juniors take photos and write articles that are then published on Articles that are very good are published in INSIDE TENNIS magazine.

a. GPA minimum requirement of 3.0
b. Average Team GPA of 3.7
c. SAT score monitoring
d. Tutoring when needed

a. Beginner clinics
b. Tournaments on all levels, local, sectional and national
c. Treat the kids like pro’s at local tournaments, inspire them with our production and offerings
d. A traveling team to sectional and national events, with free or subsidized costs ($200.00 per trip verses the $600.00 to $1,000.00 it would cost on their own.)
e. Mentoring on attitude and mental toughness
f. College scholarship counseling
g. Developmental plan
h. Annual tournament schedule


Many of these children do not think of going to college or spend the appropriate time figuring out where they can go and how to get in. The Foundation sponsors a “How to get a college scholarship” seminar twice a year. We also offer college scholarship and placement counseling. We help juniors and seniors determine where they want to go and set up a plan to get there, including contacting coaches, building a resume and updating coaches monthly on progress, creating a DVD video of their game and attitude, and amassing resources and references to help them get into that school. Part of this is taking the free SAT course we offer and monitoring their grades all along to make sure they are attractive to schools. We also set their tournament schedule to peak their ranking and coaches interest.

a. SAT course free
b. Tutoring for kids in need
c. College placement counseling
d. Free “How to get a college scholarship” seminars
e. Monitoring grades

8. SOCIAL LIFE AND ETIQUETTE PROGRAM - Creating a positive social life for the children occupies their down time and eliminates their need to create an alternate social life, which we have found can conflict with the values of their parents and our program. We strive to do things that are fun and give them a rest from their training and school, while at the same time elevating their expectations for their life. Taking them to The East Coast leadership tour, a Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera, to Red Rock and other educational and cultural experiences broadens their horizons, so they can see all the possibilities for their life.
a. East Coast Education, Tennis, and Leadership Tour
b. Movie nights
c. Sledding
d. Boat rental
e. Phantom of the Opera
f. Blue Man Group
g. Red Rock and Mt. Charleston trips
h. Locals plays and concerts
i. Mentor lunches with local leaders

A few parents lose sight of a childs need for a healthy social life and only focus on training them in tennis, while a few do not care enough to know where they are and what their social life is. We have found this program to be a great solution to these common problems.

LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST - We have CEO’S, Star athletes, political, business, entertainment and community leaders offer advice through our Leadership breakfast.

Those who have found the secrets to success are delighted to share their experience and understanding to inspire this generation. We have gotten Entertainment legend and advisory board members Tony Bennett and Tennis legend Mike Agassi, Real estate tycoon Bob Schulman. In Philadelphia we had Hall of Fame basketball player and coach Billy Cunningham, who also owned the Miami Heat professional basketball team; Tennis legend Billie Jean King; Jim Murray, Founder of Ronald McDonald House, Former GM of super bowl Philadelphia Eagles, Promoter of the Michael Jackson Tour; Brian O’Neill, Real-estate tycoon and entrepreneur worth $4 billion; Car Industry mogul and Film Producer Eustace Wolfington; Casino owner and developer Bruce Eichner; Villanova final 4 coach Jay Wright; St. Joseph’s final 4 coach Phil Martelli; and NCAA player of the year and 1st round draft pick Jameer Nelson.

CHARACTER BUILDING –The Foundation offers mentoring and training on how to present oneself, greet people, speak to a crowd, sell yourself, organize events, and ask people for things and help via our fundraising. As they get older we bring them into the annual fundraiser planning meetings, set up lunches with local and national leaders to get advice, introduce them to politicians, their supporters and show them how to present themselves. Most importantly we coach them on issues about life, such as how to not get angry at people or situations, how to let things go, how to be patient, to be honest and do the right thing; how to never quit, make no excuses and get the job done; how to hard work, be disciplined, take responsibility and become illuminated with the principles of life. A personality profile is done to help the kids know their strengths and encourage them in that direction.
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