Mail donations to:
Marty Hennessy JT Foundation
PO Box 60953
Boulder City, NV 89006
501(c)3 Non-profit Organization #C24478-2004
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Mail donations to:
Marty Hennessy JT Foundation
PO Box 60953
Boulder City, NV 89006
501(c)3 Non-profit Organization #C24478-2004
702-822-1081's Marty Hennessy Junior Tennis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that gives mentoring, tutoring and tennis to kids with talent but not the resources to make their dreams a reality.

Ryan is the founder of, and he and Marty Hennessy founded Marty Hennessy's Junior Tennis Foundation where together they have raised over $600,000.00 for children in need in the tennis community. 

He has over 7 years experience in the financial services industry. Prior to entering the Tennis/Non-Profit world Ryan was a senior executive in a firm that acquired and restructured small to mid-size companies in the gaming, financial services, and teleservices industries. Ryan's experience started with CRW Financial, which over a 6 year period acquired, restructured, started and/or divested numerous companies including Central Credit, Inc., Casino Money Centers, Strip Check Cashing, Central Credit Check Cashing, and Telespectrum Worldwide. Ryan was also involved in two initial public offerings, CRW Financial & Telespectrum Worldwide, during this time. 

Ryan's responsibilities have included business development, operations, marketing, PR, management, seeking out mergers and acquisitions, sales, strategic planning, and creating and overseeing the road show for both public offerings. Ryan started with the firm as protege to the Chairman of the Board and CEO and over 7 years learned a great deal from his mentor Brian O'Neill. His last 3 years were spent as President of Casino Money Centers, which he created from scratch, and under his management, grew to 85 employees with 7 offices nationwide. 

Mentoring Is Our Foundation

The most important thing we do on and off the court is mentor children on the principles of life

These principles include:
"NO QUIT" is something we describe and instill in children each time they have adversity and it seems that things are not working out.

"STAY CALM" in moments of high pressure and competition. This prepares children for the many challenges in life, where the best response is a calm and measured one.

"NO ANGER" applies on the court and off, whether it's a tough match or an argument among teammates and parents. Letting go of frustration is parmount in helping children build healthy attitudes.

"HONESTY" applies on and off the court with parents, opponents, and coaches. Through day-to-day interaction we show children the benefit of honest and direct communication.

"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHIG" points out that if you do the right thing, giving 100% intensity with a great attitude, then everything will work out, and you will obtain self satisfaction, regardless if you win or loose.

"EARN YOUR SUCCESS" f the foundation of our work program. We strive to instill appreciation for the opportunities these children are being given, and a good work ethic which can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Children have to clean courts, help with events, and any othr odd jobs assigned on a weekly basis. The Foundation believes work builds a child's character and gives them a realistic sense of what it takes to provide the opportunities they receive.

"GREAT GRADES" is something we enforce by checking our players' grade point averages monthly. The Foundation children average a 3.7 GPA, and our first two gradates have gained entry into top colleges, playing Division 1 tennis on a full or partial scholarship. For students who are struggling, we arrange for tutors, and for all sstudents we provide an SAT prep program free of charge.

"HEALTH SOCIAL LIFE" is someting we creatred to help childrenavoid an unhealthy social life which can happen when they have nothing to do and are bored. By creating movie nights (thanks to Johnny Brenden Theatres), fun trips, and cultural events such as Phantom of the Opera (thanks to The Venetian Resort), we help children create a healthy social life that is fun and improves their minds. Events have included a Dana Point, California beach trip (thanks to the Schulmans), concerts (thanks to the Belton family), Hoover Dam and Colorado River Hike, Sledding in Utah, East Coast Leadership Tour, Water Park, Swing Dancing, Karaoke, Golf, Trips to Pro Events (such as WTA, Pacific Life, and World Team Tennis), and Soccer.

"WRITING AND READING FOR INTELLIGENCE" is a parogram which strives to make children aware that intellligence comes from reading and writing. To inspire children to do more of both, we have a junior reporter program which lets them write articles and have them published on Articles that are exremely good can get published in INSIDE TENNIS MAGAZINE, and junior reporters that show promise are given "Junior Reporter" press credentials at professional tennis tournaments. We also ask the children to read a book not assigned in school as part of the deveopment of their character and mind.

"HEALTHY DIET" is a program we use to educate children on the benefits of eating right, illuminating the principle that if you eat right, you will feel right. Many of the kids now drink NAKED JUICE instead of soda and frequent WILD OATS and WHOLE FOODS.

"FOUNDATION PROGRAMS" which use tennis to inspire children include:
Tennis For Las Vegas Orphans
College Scholarship Seminar
Tennis Carnivals
Mike Agassi Tennis Carnival
Educational Tutoring
Free Inner City Middle Scool Clinics
National Ranking Travel Team
SAT Preparation
College Planning
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Tennis Warehouse
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Luxury Homes
Exposure Photography

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