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"Mothers Day Weekend with Tony Bennett, Mike Agassi, Rita Rudner and friends" is presented by The RBC Capitol Markets Corp and being held at The Stirling Club inside Turnberry Place, May 12-14th.
Four years ago Frideric Prandecki was out till 4am on school nights partying with friends. For the last 3 years he changed all that through tennis, training from 6-8am, and again 4-7pm daily. This year he made Jr. David Cup for the 2nd time, beat the #20 player in the nation and is being offered numerous scholarships to college, all because this junior tennis foundation offered him an alternative.
JAY LENO, MIKE AGASSI, "RUDY" Ruettiger, RITA RUDNER, FRANKIE AVALON, PHYLLIS MCGUIRE Celebrated Tony Bennett's 80 years of excellence at's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation's Annual Fund raiser at The Stirling Club in Turnberry Place, and by doing so raised over $300,000.00 to "Change kids lives through tennis."

The "TONY BENNETT MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND" for charity included a celebrity Pro/Am at The Stirling Club, Saturday May 13, with a fashion show luncheon and comedy skit by Rita Rudner. The main event was that evening, a tribute Dinner and fundraiser for Tony Bennett's 80th Birthday. Sunday Mothers Day was celebrated by participants with an elegant "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in the famed jewelry store at the Bellagio, prepared by Celebrity Chef Michael Mina.

The highlight of the weekend was the dinner when Jay Leno, acting like a waiter, surprised Mr. Bennett and guests by bringing out the cake.

"Tony Bennett is the nicest guy in the world. When I was just starting, he was so good to me," said Leno to the crowd that raised over $300,000.00 for's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation.

A close second memorable moment was Mike Agassi giving Tony Bennett the Mike Agassi "NO QUIT" Award, a slogan that has followed Mr. Agassi since Marty Hennessy and Ryan Wolfington created a national tournament called just that.

One of the parents stood up after the auction saying, "You guys have no idea what a tremendous effect your donation is having on my daughter. My husband and I knew we could not support her tennis financially, but it was something she wanted to do. Because of you she will be able to play tennis."

The Foundation kicked off a "TONY'S KIDS" campaign to get 80 scholarship sponsors for 80 children by Tony's 80th Birthday, which is August 3, 2006. The scholarships cost $650.00 per child, and at the Fundraiser they already raised the money for 53 of the 80 scholarships.

Jeff Taylor and RBC Market Corp. Director, Jason Spacek, Chaired the event bringing participants in from Florida, New York, New Mexico, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and more. The room was filled with Stirling Club members and Nevada dignitaries such as City Councilman Larry Brown, who received Man of the Year award, with Fred Darling and Tennis Channel Founder Steve Bellamy. Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt was there to present a proclamation from the State, and Larry Brown presented Mr. Bennett the key to the City, and proclaimed August 3, 2006 Tony Bennett Day in the City of Las Vegas.

"What made this night special was that the kids, parents, and families that benefit from our programs were the ones that did most of the work to make it happen," explained Ryan Wolfington, who helped organize the evening.

10-year-old Rama Trump auctioned off a signed photo of Andre Agassi for $800.00. All the children were offered the experience to go out and solicit auction items. The children also prepared the clay courts for the pro/am earlier in the day, and helped with the fashion show luncheon, which began with a comedic opening from Rita Rudner.

The Children stapled packets, decorated, and checked in guests. Rama was also in charge of meeting Mr. Bennett at the airport as his official greeter. McKay Novak, also 10, was in charge of meeting Mr. Leno and bringing him from his limousine to the ballroom. It was the Foundation families that worked the silent and live auction, and at the end of the night, they cleaned up and put everything away.

"This is what we are about," explained Wolfington, who stresses the importance of earning their way verse being handed something for nothing. "Even if we have to make up a job, each week the children work volunteer hours to earn the scholarships and support they get. This builds character and a knowing they earned it."

The Crowd responded bidding way above many live auction retail prices, just to support's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation. The excitement reached a peak when Scott Frazer and William Anton bid Mr. Bennett's litho painting up to $21,000.00. It was a salute to the entertainment legends efforts.
Then event Chair Jeff Taylor stayed true to form and bid just about everything else up, winning the Harry Winston $15,200.00 watch and a reception at Harry Winston for 25 for $14,000. Bob and Winnie Schulman donated a week in the EXCLUSIVE REORTS Castle in England, which Helen & Chip Johnson won for $11,000.00. Another interesting item donated by Johnny Brennen and Diva Clark was a private screening for 400 at Brenen'sltra luxury movie theatre at the Palms which went for $8,000.00.
President of the Venetian, Robert Goldstein, donated an elaborate weekend package at the Venetian, that went for $9,000.00 to Stirling Club member Andy Ferguson. The "TENNIS CHANNEL OPEN BROADCASTER FOR A DAY" package was very well received with Scott Fraser winning for $6,000.00. The Hilton Grand Vacations and Tao Party Package went to Diana "Diva" Clark for $1,250, Dr. and Mrs Mulkey won the Mike Agassi NO QUIT Tennis Weekend and dinner at Hannah's for $2,500.00.
Michael Crook won the Family Day with Kevin Janison at his TV station for $1,250.00. The Ultimate Las Vegas Weekend“ Golf Package went for $3,250.00 to TRI-STAR management's Scott Karosa. Las Vegas, entertainment Weekend with Danny Gans and Lance Burton went to Ravi Tumber for $1,400.00. Mr Tumber also won the Picasso's and Manilow Vegas Night Out for $1,400 and The Montage Resort 3-day, 2-night Stay for $4,500 and an 8-week Internship with RBC managing Director Jason Spacek in New York City for his nephew paying $6,500.00.

The Las Vegas Hilton and Tennis Resort, who is a sponsor of the event, also put in a entertainment and tennis package that went for $1,800.00 to Wireless Venture Partners Michelle and Kurt Swauger.

"Rudy" Ruettiger was a special guest. All the kids had been inspired by the movie, which they would watch on the way to out of town competitions. So when the real Rudy showed up the kids and guests really enjoyed that.
"I make my kids watch your movie," said Frankie Avalon's son to the Notre Dame and film legend.

Mr. Ruettiger made a special trip to hand out the "RUDY" Award to Frideric Prandecki who,"Just 4 years ago was partying all the time", yet through this program started playing tennis 6 days a week, 5 hours a day, got a job cleaning courts and as a result beat the #20 player in the nation a few weeks ago, was chosen twice to be on Junior Davis Cup Team, and is being offered numerous college scholarships. Prandecki is the foundations first graduate and tonight's event was something of a graduation for the kid.
"If it was not for the foundation I would not being going to college. Last year this time I had no ranking because I could not travel. Because of the foundation I am getting scholarship offers and I thank you guys," said Prandecki, who for the last 3 years has been the poster boy for their success.
"Dealing with these kids, they become your own," Wolfington said when presenting the award. "There is no better joy then seeing a persons full potential come to the surface."

Distinguished guests included Las Vegas CEO Rudy Prieto, The McClure family from San Diego, Turnberry Residents Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, Jerry Wendel, Phyllis Schwartz, Diane Mason, Peggy Donohue, Janet Ford, Sandy White, Fellini's Bob Harry, Iva Paulsen from Wild Truffles, Ed Gonzales, Mr. and Mrs. Greathouse, Exclusive Resorts Todd Harris, Luxury homes Mr. and Mrs. Lowman, Tawni & Troy Werline and ultra volunteers Minette Curnutt, Ryan Gormley, Trenton Alenik and Anne Payne.
"Marty Hennessy, Mike Agassi and Tony Bennett all have a certain standard of excellence they live by and that is why people came out to support them," said Wolfington.

Tim Blenkiron who is the Director of Andre Agassi's foundation's tennis program, received the Tony Bennett Heart Award, This is the highest honor of the night and was given to Tim for, "His unbridled love of excellence." The award itself was created by award winning artist Annie Alenik.
Kevin Stott of the View newspaper was presented with's Writer of the year Award, for his "Passionate writing and dedication to his work."

Dana Goyak was given the "Pressure is a privilege" Billy Jean King signed Racket award, for her efforts to decorate and help organize the event with "such grace."
Wireless Venture Partners Kurt Swauger and Laurie Steed of Granello Bakery received Sponsor of the year Award for "Always being there to help make children's events special."

Thriving new movie star and Producer Monte Lapica and Tommy Bell received the "Inspiration Award" for creating "A masterpiece that inspires children to understand life and the power of choice." (SELF-MEDICATED, 21 Film Festival awards this year, over 9 best film)
Iva Paulsen of Wild Truffles, Bob Harry of Felinni's, and Evan Glusman of Piero's were guests of Honor. Glusman was unable to attend but Iva Paulsen and Bob Harry were seated at Mr. Bennett's table in appreciation for their magnificent catering last year, which was a significant donation to the foundation.
RBC Capital Markets Corp's Director Jason Spacek was the main sponsor and chair along side Jeff Taylor of the Taylor Family Foundation. Additional event sponsors include The Charlie Palmer Group, The Stirling Club, The Las Vegas Hilton Tennis Resort, Northwestern Mutual's Steve Braun, Deutsche Bank, The Tennis Channel, Inside Tennis Magazine, Granello Bakery and The Marriott.

"The night was a complete success," explained Marty Hennessy, who is the Director of Tennis at The Stirling Club, a Director of this foundation and a legend in tennis. "It was tremendous , I don't even have enough time to take off for a weekend. For Tony Bennett to come out here for this is just amazing, thank you Tony."
The weekend of festivities was capped off with "Breakfast at Tiffany's," with Celebrity Chef Michael Mina. Taylor and Spacek had paid $80,000.00 for this item at Andre Agassi Foundations Grand Slam for children, and parlayed it back into this other fundraiser for's Marty Hennessy jr. Tennis Foundation.

Tiffany's handed out silver tennis ball key chains, beautiful music was played, flowers were displayed and offered to the mothers for Mother's Day.

"It could not have gone better," said Wolfington. It goes to show, when you do what you know, everything works out perfectly.

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ABOUT THE FOUNDATION's Marty Hennessy jr. Tennis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that gives mentoring, tutoring and tennis to kids with talent but not the resources to make their dreams a reality. The mission of the organization is to "Change kids lives through tennis and education," giving kids the opportunity to get scholarships to college while discovering the lessons of life on the court. We have taken kids from partying and bad lifestyles to training 5 hours a day and getting a full scholarship to college. We have helped families that work hard, but at the end of the day do not have enough left to send their kid to the national tournament they qualified for, or to get tennis shoes.

Last year's fundraiser provided the following for area youth:
Provided help to Frideric Prandecki, who made the Jr. Davis Cup team, beat the #20 player in the nation and won numerous tournaments. Because of his success, he will go to college on a scholarship.

Frideric, Julia Baltas, Kaja Banas, Farwa Husain, Maja Banas, and Patrick Kawka qualified for Supernationals.

15 kids went to the Bollettieri camp

40 kids went to summer camp with 5 days of free training

The traveling junior team went to 14+ tournaments/events

50 kids went to pro tournaments and met their heroes.

Over 60 kids got entry fee scholarships

Orphaned kids at Girls and Boys Town received free tennis lessons monthly

Hundreds of kids participated in "Treat the Kids like Pros" tournaments and "How to get a college scholarship" seminars

We had free match play for all kids once a week

Kids discovered the value of a work ethic through our work program

Kids learned by helping put together this event

Got kids names and pictures in the paper for their accomplishments

Council ed kids to better appreciate their parents and not be frustrated

Tutored and mentored kids in our foundation to have an average 3.8 GPA

Mentoring helped kids see a bigger dream, a bigger vision


Please make a donation of an item or service, large or small, to be auctioned off this year or next.
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* Laptops for kids to do homework when at tournaments.
* Van to take kids to tournaments
* PA system
* Stereo system and speakers
* Airline miles and tickets for kids to travel
* Items for live and silent auction 2007
* Mentor the kids by taking them to lunch

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