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Marty Hennessy JT Foundation
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Boulder City, NV 89006
501(c)3 Non-profit Organization #C24478-2004
Vegas Tennis
Las Vegas Marriott
Las Vegas Venetian
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We help the lower and lower-middle income families that at the end of the month have paid their bills but do not have the extra money needed to offer their child a sport, or the kind of training and travel needed to get a college scholarship. The children whose parents are fully occupied making a living to pay the bills, we can help out by offering their children a past time to help mold their character and make them strong, intelligent, and wise.

Our players come from a variety of backgrounds, Latino, African American, Polish-American, Philippino, Jewish, and European. Families that ask for help are asked to fill out an application on and are given support based on need, attitude and what they are willing to do to earn it.

We also help existing non-profit Foundations through tennis grants, partnerships and programming for:

Boys and Girls Club
Boys and Girls Town orphanage
Arthur Ashe Tennis Foundation
NET Tennis Association
George MacCall Foundation
Girls Scouts of Southern Nevada
Nevada Tennis Association
Middle States Tennis Association
Intermountain Tennis Association

Winie and Bob Schulman
Bruce Eichner
Jason Specek
Gordonn Luster
Rudy Prieto
Hannah An and Michael Crook
Marriott Palm Desert, CA
USTA Middle State Section and Philadelphia Disrict
Billie Jean King
Rose Weinstein
WTT Philadelphia Freedoms
Laurie Steed
Ravi Tumber
Scott Fraser
Clark Albright
Marriot Camelback Inn, Scotsdale, AZ
Robert Goldstein
The Bellon Family
Billy Cunningham
Jim Murray
Brian O'Neill
Estace Wolfington
Sean Wolfington
Jay Wright
Jameer Nelson
Phil Martelli
Naked Juice
Wild Oats
Mike Agassi
Tony Bennitt
The Wolfington Family
The Stirling Club
]The Manahattan Club
Royal Bank of Canada
Las Vegas Hilton
Savmor Rent A Car
Dessert Springs
JW Marriot
Granello Bakery
Laurel Springs School Distance Learning Program
Blue Man Group
Phantom of the Opera
The Venetian
Marquis & Aurbach
The Law Offices of Barry Lavinson
Adam Carey
Tamyra Alexander
Marc Kreisberger
Jim and Dollie Kurtz
Dr. Jaldeep Daulat
Neil Chambers
Kurt Swauger
Dana and John Goyak
Ben Coates
Tim Blenkiron
Jason Spacek
Helen and Chip johnson
Jeff and Rashae Taylor
Jan Trump
Harlan Haynie
Alexey Perminov
Landon Abney
Coffey Laboratories

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