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The cold asphalt under me, the soft songs that leaves of trees play as the wind travels through them, the sporadic streams of sunlight that hit my closed eyes, creating alternating red and black blurs in my mind: these are sensations I tune into before I fall into a meditative state. Once I enter, these details grow fuzzy, becoming distant memories which I no longer concern myself with. The trivial worries which commonly occupy my mind flee. From this point on, I am aware of little besides my vacant mind. Once I awaken from this meditation, a profound peace falls over me.

Up until last summer, I was an overly stressed perfectionist who used "hard work" to try to prove my self-worth, beginning with a three mile run at 5:00 am and ending around midnight after completing copious amounts of homework. Continue Reading

In an effort to inspire children to see all the possibilities for their lives the Wolfington Family, including the O’Neills, Gillins, and Mitas, for the sixth year sponsored 9 children from the Marty Hennessy Jr Tennis and Education foundation in Las Vegas to experience the "East Coast Leadership Tour."

The children visit 8 cities in 3 weeks, being exposed to a daily leadership breakfast, Universities, historical sites, and playing tennis at some of the most prestigious Country Clubs in the country.

The Foundation children just finished the one-of-a-kind East Coast Leadership tour. It consist of 3 weeks, 8 cities, 15 speakers, prestigious colleges, historical tours, celebrities, senators, producers, CEO's, inventors, and a legendary coach, all comprised together to inspire children to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The Wolfington Family, including the O’Neills, Gillins, and Mitas, for the 5th year sponsored foundation children to experience the "NJTL East Coast Leadership Tour," sponsored by’s Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation and Marriott.

13 children, 3 weeks, 8 cities, 15 speakers, 8 colleges, 12 historical tours, celebrities, senators, producers, CEO's, a Governor and a Pulitzer prize winning author, all to inspire 13 children to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Photos available upon request. Contact Ryan Wolfington, 702-822-1081


Honoring Rashe and Jeff Taylor

Making the impossible happen - The Story of Edgardo Ureta

Click here to read article on Ed featured on University of Hartford home page

Edgardo Ureta was born in America to immigrant parents from Chile. He had few opportunities and according to him, "I just knew how to fool around, party and lie to my parents about everything. On Friday we would buy a bottle of Jack Daniels and that was our weekend," explained Edgardo.

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