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This Foundation was started many years ago to give players with a good attitude, great talent and the right grades a chance at a college scholarship through tennis, academics and character building. At that time Frideric Prandecki was our inspiration, a child with talent but not the funds to get to national tournaments

With your help we got Frideric to tournaments and eventually he qualified for super nationals. Soon after he qualified for our nations' Junior Davis Cup team, soon after he started doing better in school, soon after he stopped partying and began working even harder on improving his life. Soon after he beat a player that was # 8 in the country reaching the semi finals of the Copperbowl national tournament. Because of you and your support, Frideric is now playing Division 1 college tennis at NC STATE on a scholarship, a team that is top 25 in the nation. Because of you, Frideric came home after his first semester with passing grades and if you knew Frideric Prandecki 4 years ago you would know how amazing that is. Now Prandecki is training every day in Vegas while on Holiday from college, working hard with the same support team he had the last 4 years.

Is most improved player of the year
Has become a team leader
Has found a passion with video and photo editing

Went to the State Doubles Championships as freshman
Won many tournaments
Are ranked #8 and 9

Went from no ranking to #4 in Nevada

Is ranked #10 in Nevada
Has a 3.8 gpa.
Won the Little Pumpkin in 16's
Is ranked #27 in the section and 180 in the nation

Was #1 in Nevada
Ened year 220 in the nation in singles and 150 in doubles
Has a 3.4 GPA
Played #1 singles for Coronado and led her team to the state finals
Got MVP of her tennis team

Went from beginner to #1 in Nevada girls 10's
Won the Young Guns
Won the Bally's Cup
Won the Duel in the Desert
Is most improved player of the year
Has a 4.0

Ranked #2 in Nevada and 80 in the nation (last year top 30 in 14's)
Reached the semifinals of the California Bowl National
Reached the semifinals of the Wilson National
Played her first pro tournament
Won two matches in a pro qualifier
Reached the semi finals of the Mike Agassi NO QUIT National
Julia Baltas won the Pumpkin Sectional/National level 4
Julia Baltas reached the Stave Finals of Nevada
Julia Baltas through mentoring and tutors achieved all A's the last two years
Julia Baltas got 3rd place at Summer sectionals and Easter Circuit

Last year's fundraiser provided the following for area youth:
Provided help to Frideric Prandecki, who made the Jr. Davis Cup team, beat the #20 player in the nation and won numerous tournaments. Because of his success, he will go to college on a scholarship.

Frideric, Julia Baltas, Kaja Banas, Farwa Husain, Maja Banas, and Patrick Kawka qualified for Supernationals.

15 kids went to the Bollettieri camp

40 kids went to summer camp with 5 days of free training

The traveling junior team went to 14+ tournaments/events

50 kids went to pro tournaments and met their heroes.

Over 60 kids got entry fee scholarships

Orphaned kids at Girls and Boys Town received free tennis lessons monthly

Hundreds of kids participated in "Treat the Kids like Pros" tournaments and "How to get a college scholarship" seminars

We had free match play for all kids once a week

Kids discovered the value of a work ethic through our work program

Kids learned by helping put together this event

Got kids names and pictures in the paper for their accomplishments

Council ed kids to better appreciate their parents and not be frustrated

Tutored and mentored kids in our foundation to have an average 3.8 GPA

Mentoring helped kids see a bigger dream, a bigger vision

Tennis Warehouse
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Luxury Homes
Exposure Photography

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