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Member Stan Tomchin is hosting a "European Leadership Tour" with tennis Director Marty Hennessy for a number of children in's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation. Many Stirling Club members spearheaded this foundation 8 years ago and now boast helping introduce tennis, mentoring and education to thousands of at-risk youth annually. Their leadership program has a 100% success rate getting children into college on scholarship for tennis and academics. This summer, many of the foundation youth earned the opportunity to go to Wimbledon, attend leadership lunches and tours of the great European landmarks. Part of the experience includes lunch with Tim Henman's family and seats in his VIP box. The foundations captains from the leadership program were invited to attend, a special designation often referred to as the "seniors."

The former Ritz Carlton at Lake Las Vegas, now "Ravella, A Dolce Hotel & Resort", was the recent host for's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation Leadership Camp. This camp for 35 at-risk youth was made possible by the sponsorship of the Stirling Club member Stan and Cheryl Tomchin. The camp was created so the "Straight A's" club within the foundation could experience a whole new world just 20 minutes away from the strip.

 In Las Vegas a pretty funny incident occurred to start off the trip. I had two or three suitcases on me and everyone was already on the metro connection to the other gate. I ran as fast as possible to get there because I saw that the door to the subway was closing promptly and I got stuck! Everyone was laughing at me because I looked like a drunken penguin trying to find his way home. The whole team couldn't believe that I actually got stuck but Ryan thought it was just another part of my clown act, but it really wasn't. This is the first time I have ever been on a Jet Blue airplane and let me tell you it is amazing. They have XM satellite radio and Directv Satellite I cant wa it to use all of these gadgets.

By Ryan Wolfington
Summer 2011

Yesterday I went to Miguel and Gabriel's "S.P.O.R.T.S Summer championships"
tournament match at the Hilton. It brought back memories. This is where the
foundation began.

Gabriel who was 8 years old invited me and others to come watch his match and
have cake afterwards for his birthday. Now he is 9. It happens that fast!

Honoring top student athletes, college scholarship graduates and award winners

Guests of honor Commissioner Lawrence Weekly & Mike Agassi

Las Vegas, Nevada - April 29, 2011 - The USTA-Nevada Junior Awards Banquet and Nate Schulman Tennis Ball is a formal sit down dinner held each year to celebrate the accomplishments of the student athletes in the tennis community. USTA-Nevada board of Directors and awards committee will recognize this years graduating class which includes many that will go onto play college tennis on scholarship, as well as the special category winners for the USTA and for's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation, the event sponsor. Also being honored are those players who reached a top 5 year end state ranking.

I believe Arthur Ashe created the National Junior Tennis & Learning network to introduce to people how great the sport of tennis can be. From his accomplishments on the pro tour to the life lessons tennis taught Ashe, I think he just wanted to give kids a chance to hopefully experience all that he had learned from tennis that he could not put into words. It's funny how a sport that I have been playing for 12 years seems to relate more and more to my everyday life as I get older. The harder you work on court the more results you will see. You learn more from a loss then from a victory. Both of those things can be applied to real life as well and if it was not for the NJTL I would have never learned any of that.

If Arthur Ashe were alive to this day standing in front of me I don't think I would be able to express how thankful and blessed I am for the situation I am in. Playing tennis everyday and experiencing the highs and lows of the game. The NJTL is responsible for the reason I met the owner of my tennis academy who lets me go to tournaments and play matches in exchange for hard work and honesty.

The chapter of the NJTL I am in provides all the coaching someone could ever ask for, but my tennis academy gives so much more than that because my coaches are also my life mentors. They teach me life lessons by showing what they have done in their lives and share with all of us what worked for them and what can help you become more successful. They also show us how to be kind and to be a strong leader. Not the type of leader that you follow around and do what they say, but a leader in such a way that people look up to you because you are the type of person that stands up for the right thing. This includes kindness, staying on the right path, doing what is right, and being an example that people can go to when they need help. In all aspects of life not just on court things.

If it were not for the NJTL my life would be completely different. I may not even be the type of person I am today. I may have surrounded myself with the wrong group of people or traveled down the wrong path, but because of the NJTL I can honestly say that I am a happy person. I am surrounded by good people who all try to bring each other up and I make myself work hard every single day. I can't thank Arthur Ashe enough for the direction he allowed my life to go in, but what I can do is make the most of my opportunities and become the greatest version of myself that I can be.
's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation now helps over a thousand children annually. In the past five years, our tutoring, mentoring and tennis program aided 30 children in earning scholarships to play college tennis. For many of these children, it was their only hope for a better future. None of this would have been possible without your help and support.

This year we are extremely fortunate to have an anonymous donor offer a matching grant. Every dollar you donate will be matched dollar for dollar. If you donate $100, $100 will be matched. If you donate $10,000, again $10,000 will be matched. There is no greater feeling than having your generosity doubled instantly!

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