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Dear Ryan Wolfington and the Marty hennessey tennis foundation,

I want to thank you for giving me the amazing chance to go to zonals. I had an amazing time and ended up doing really well in the matches. If it wasnt for you, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go. I learned so much! I was able to play people from a lot of different places. It was such a great experience. Thank you for everything!

Thanks so much,

Dear Shannon and Steve,

It brings tears to my eyes to look back and see all the great things your family has meant to me. Your sons are among the highlights in my life. Seeing them grow as people has been a tremendous gift to me. I can honestly say I do not know two finer young men. The foundation and environment you created for your children is a great model for others to follow.

I really appreciate the support and trust you had in me, allowing me to be an Extention of you at times to help mold and inspire them. Tonight Tanner goes to his prom, an evening he has earned a million times over. He is such a good person at times I am just taken back by the site of it. The love and opportunities you all gave Dillon he made the most of and he has had a great effect on tanner.

This good example has helped keep Jeff and others on track and all three of these boys are inspiring countless children every day. Just a month ago when asked what motivated Max Novak to change he said Tanner. When asking Tanner he credits Dillon. You Know how many children look to your sons as their heroes? Countless. There is still work to be done - I have found as they go to college they re-learn life through errors and learning curves. But I can't help but sit back and be grateful that I was able to be a part of your journey. As parents you do the hard work, often get little or none of the credit, and I'm lucky enough to step in late in the game to enjoy watching your early labors bear fruit.

I hope my efforts were a positive fertilizer for their growth and I'm committed to do anything I can if and when they need a hand. I hope this is not the last I hear from you guys. You are part of our family too and I know that connection will stay strong. I will always remember the years of help at tournaments and good times with Steve, Tommy's selfless love for Vongman and others and the trust and care you have given me Shannon. A fond memory as well are the Shannon phone calls, always honest, direct and fair. Our program is better and improved in many ways as a direct result of those calls. It's a miracle what your family has done in such a short time in our tennis family. They have made the deepest of marks on all our souls. I will never forget. Never.

Thank you Ryan

Ryan, Okay thanks!! I know you don't like thank you's but you have the ability to make people realize things about themselves w/out being direct & have an uncanny way of bringing the best out of people even when they're sunk. It's very enjoyable to watch transformations in myself but those around me. We are in a weird way one big family that wants the best for each other. We've learned from you but also each other. Just the little things like Marvin checking in when I wasn't at practice makes you realize that we matter to one another or you randomly texting us to see what we're all up to. It turns an ordinary afternoon to one where you reflect were you are.

Dear Foundation supporters,

As the former Volunteer Executive Director for many years I had the pleasure of using your support to help so many children. As a result the foundation grew and after 5 years could hire a full time Executive Director, Hilliary Heard! In her first year she has done an amazing job at taking the organization to a whole new level. She does all the hard work and I get the joy of being able to mentor these children as a volunteer while watching the results of your support come to fruition.

I am enjoying my new job as Executive Director at the USTA. I work with all of tennis in Nevada and that is very rewarding. However, nothing compares to the satisfaction of mentoring a child into greatness and so often I come across a comment, an accomplishment, a story that I want to share with you, because if you knew how significant your contribution was it would make you very happy. These types of things happen all of the time and I will make an effort to share them with you as they occur.

Below I have pasted the email Edgardo Ureta sent me this morning. Edgardo Ureta is the child who started tennis as a junior in high school, a non athletic child 40 pounds over weight, yet through hard work achieved the impossible. He stopped partying, went from D's and C's to straight A's for the first time in his life - and subsequently earned a college scholarship for tennis.

The "RUDY" Award winner continues as a leader of his team in his freshman year at Hartford University where he plays #5 singles and #3 doubles. He decided a few weeks ago to get a bucket and show up at the Hartford Basketball game to ask people to donate dollars and quarters for Haiti. He raised $250.00 and credits his time selling raffle tickets for giving him the confidence to do this. He has also committed to coming back this summer to help the foundation as an iEdgardo was also one of a few students chosen to be on the deans council. None of Edgardo's high school friends made it to college. One is in jail and two have drug problems.

Please read his email to me below, which was a repsonse to my phone message yesterday. It really shows you how far Edgardo, who we use to call "Mr Jack Daniel's," has come.....

-----Original Message-----
From: Edgardo Ureta
Sent: Fri, Apr 9, 2010 6:20 am
Subject: Response to Voice mail

Ryan, I got your call. Thank you. I was heartbroken when I lost that match. I knew I could have won, but I couldn't clinch it. You are right, it is the little things and I need to make sure I get to bed earlier and avoid the junk food. But its amazing how much better I have become at the game.

In the Holy Cross match I was up 4-0 then lost 7-5, 6-3, it really sucked. We play Hofstra today (Levinson's Team) today, it should be good. I will let you know how everything goes. I went to bed at 11 last night by the way and woke up at 8, that's not too bad. I was offered ANOTHER internship by the America East Conference to be assistant Marketing director for 3 months. I am the only freshman in 6 years to be chosen to represent the school with the conference. Its amazing how the opportunities keep coming. You are right the more I do right the more great things happen for me.

The other day the coach was pist at both Men's and Women's teams. We had to wake up at 5 am, we ran hard. It astonishes me that by not drinking or smoking I finished 3rd out of 20 in a 3 mile run and 2nd out of 20 in sprints. Its very interesting this process, I have been sitting quiet a lot in the past week, it really helps. I used to be last in everything 2 years ago, now I am always first. Hopefully I can get above a 3.0 this semester again. Il let you know how we do against Hofstra today



This last weekend is going down in the books! I look back at this past year and I can't believe the journey we have been a part of. For us 3 to all come back after graduation, to still be friends and brought together by the very sport and organization that got is into college and the ability to play tennis at a semi pro level.

My whole life starting in elementary school, then high school and especially college I have always been trying to fit in with the "cool kids" and in doing so I never was my true self. I smoked pot, drank, xxxxx (mistreated) girls a lot of times because I wanted to fit in, have stories to tell my boys and I got false confidence from that. In this last year I've been able to live simply and ride those falsities. I've never been happier!

We can all be ourselves in the most raw and pure of ways. Wolf, you have created this environment and we are living in it. Entering the "real world" is scary as sh** after college because you don't have another vacation or spring break or internship to fall into. It's the end of the ultimate chapter at that time in a persons life.

Warren Buffet is famous for his quote for saying he will stop what he is doing when he stops having fun. And we are having way too much fun, living the life of no regret, healthy life style, no conflict and full of simple truths. Seņor, I cannot express my gratitude for you in my life and I know you don't like cheesy notes but you know this is genuine and real. G and Fred you are my best friends and it's been an unbelievable start to our young lives. Let's keep it rolling!!


Trenton Alenik


Thank you for inviting me and for all your efforts in promoting a great event on short notice.
And congratulations on what you and Ryan are doing for these kids and the community. I've never seen anything like it anywhere, and I've been to dozens of academies and tennis associations around the country. You are literally saving lives - teaching them about important life skills rather than simply how to win tennis matches. What a great and inspiring few days Nancy and I had in Vegas. I'd love to come back and work with you guys again!
Warmest personal regards,



I cannot thank you enough for the experience we had in Florida these past 10 days. It has been a massive highlight for myself and our group. The accommodations at the Penthouse suite in west palm were amazing, the Heat tickets were incredible, and the events blew every event I've ever attended completely out of the water.

Watching you and Ryan at work is highly motivating to myself, because I want to be involved and connected and successful in the area of work and life that I pursue, just like the two of you are.

Because of countless talks with Ryan and a call with you last summer taking about living our lives to a high standard and not chasing the women and the drinking, I have made a conscious decision to do the same and give 100% to my work each and every day.

Thank you once again for providing me this world class experience and I am much stronger and mature because of that. And most importantly, thank you for supporting and believing in the foundation throughout the years.

Trenton Alenik

Dear Ryan,

In life we often accept the world as it is. We accept that there will be fear, doubt, disbelief, sadness, anger and the like. What you have shown me is that these behaviors are by no means necessary features of our existence. They are merely constructs in our mind designed to impede us, break us, and ultimately stop us. You have shown me what it means to live a genuine life by eating right and treating others with the utmost respect and professionalism; for that I am truly grateful. If you ever wonder if you changed anyone's life, you changed mine.



I am thankful to God, because Lorenzi Racquet Club "No Quit Academy" gave me the opportunity to attend the NJTL leadership camp in Atlanta, Georgia (2010). I had never flown before and was very excited. The first night I was homesick because I missed my family, but I stuck it out and made great friends, went to the Martin Luther King Museum, ate great food and learned to be a better listener. Furthermore, in the last year with all my coaches' encouragement, (Coach James, Tim, Mark, Billy, Claudia and Danny) I have improved my game and traveled to national tournaments. The most important lesson that I have learned from my NJTL, Lorenzi Racquet Club No Quit Academy and the Marty Hennessy Foundation is to be respectful to everyone on and off the court.

Tennis is a sport I enjoy because it is a competitive and mental sport. The most important thing in tennis is to be able to go on the court and have mentally toughness (Sixteen Second Cure). On the court, you cannot lose your mind in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd set, but remember everything your coaches taught you. In the end, if you play your hardest and have a great attitude your coaches, friends, and parents will be proud (even if you lose).

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