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Kimberly Yee wins the USTA National Scholar Athlete Award at the U.S. Open Championships for her excellence both on and off the court. As captain of #TeamBryan, Kimberly has been a mentor and role model for countless youth in the Marty Hennessy's Inspiring Children Foundation. Kimberly is now a freshman at Stanford University.

No Quit Academy Tennis Coach and World Ranked Player Brian Battistone qualifies for Main Draw of the Mixed Doubles
15 year old Rising Tennis Star Kimberly Yee plays in the Junior US Open

Las Vegas, August 28, 2012; This weekend local Las Vegan player and No Quit Tennis Academy coach Brian Battistone and doubles partner Nicole Melichar won the mixed doubles qualifier and will be playing in the main draw of the US Open. Trained in both Palm Springs and at the world-renowned Bollettieri Academy, Battistone is best known for his spectacular jump serve and patented two handed racket. In his career he has won 4 titles on the Challenger Tour and has played in the 2010 US Open and 2011 Wimbledon Grand slam Championships. Brian is currently a coach at the No Quit Tennis Academy at Lorenzi Park in Las Vegas. This is his fourth tournament with mixed doubles partner Nicole Melichar and the pair has remained undefeated since they began playing together at the beginning of the year. Melichar, 19 born and raised in the Czech Republic currently trains at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Florida. This is Melichar’s US Open debut; ?We are thrilled to be here, this is our 4th tournament together and it’s the US Open! This is by far the highlight of our careers,? said Melichar late last night after stepping off the practice courts. The pair will play later this week, highlights of which will be broadcast on The Tennis Channel and ESPN.

Saturday, August 11, 2012 - San Diego - Las Vegas junior tennis player Kimberly Yee won the United States Tennis Association's National Championships today in the girls 16's singles. Yesterday Yee won the National Championships in the girls 16's doubles with partner Marianna Gould.

Kimberly's Yee's victory is the second time in her career that she has won both the singles and doubles at the national championship. To win the singles final Yee beat Katerina Stewart 6-2, 6-2. Her victory secured her a wild card into this years US OPEN Junior main draw.

Kimberly Yee is part of the USTA's National Junior Tennis and Learning chapter in Las Vegas, the Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation, which strives to inspire youth through mentoring, tennis and education. Within the foundation she is part of the elite "Team Bryan" travel team, sponsored and supported by the world's best doubles team Bob and Mike Bryan.

Kimberly Yee has been the nation’s #1 ranked player in the girls 12's, 14's and 16's age divisions.

Kimberly started playing tennis at the ripe age of 3 years old with her father Adam Yee who went into an early retirement to coach both Kimberly and her brother Kristofer.

The dedication and sacrifice that Mr. Yee made has certainly paid dividends for the progress and development of Kimberly and Kristofer throughout their junior careers (Kristofer is starting his freshman year on scholarship at Vanderbilt University this fall and is ranked top five in the United States).

Both Yee players train at Tim Blenkiron's NO QUIT Tennis Academy and are coached by their father and Blenkiron, who won the NCAA Championships in doubles for UNLV in 1997.

Most recently Kimberly won the National Hard Court Championships, sweeping both singles and doubles. With this title Kimberly was awarded a wildcard into the US Open Junior event. This was Kimberly’s second opportunity playing the US Open as a junior and she was thrilled to compete at this prestigious grand slam event against the world’s best players.

After 30 years as the Director of Tennis at The Dessert Inn, a solid professional and college tennis career Marty Hennessy continued to be the "Dean of the Pros" as the Director at Turnberry Place. During his years of service to the game, Hennessy has inspired countless youth, adults and had such an impact he was chosen for the USTA Lifetime achievement award. Hennessy's dedication to excellence is why a younger Mike Agassi relied on his talent to work with Andre when the legend was young. Hennessy was among the few pros that could take sets off then legend Poncho Gonzales, and according to Mr. Agassi, one of the few Directors willing to help those in need.

Hennessy's big heart was fully expressed over the last eight years through the foundation which was started in his honor. The organization has helped 45 at risk youth to get scholarships to play college tennis, this year sending one to Harvard and Vanderbilt. The foundation supports over 500 families by offering free tennis, equipment, a travel team, free tutoring and mentoring. Hennessy himself spends time with these children and continues to mentor adults, teaching with his special way of making everyone feel great about themselves.

Richman Mahlangu was born into a black township near Durban, South Africa during an era of apartheid. During this time blacks were severely discriminated against for the color of their skin and treated as second-class citizens to put it mildly. As a young boy Richman was doing the best he could to help his mother and raise a family of five after the loss of his father at age five. One day, as if by design, Richman discovered a broken tennis racket and began practicing the game of tennis with a wall and a couple of old balls, a game that would forever impact his life.

We give our youth books and films to read and watch that have a pertinent message for where they are in life now. Below is one of those essay assignments from one of our students who did a great job of taking the film Dead Poets Society and incorporating it into his life.

Students Dead Poets Society Assignment

Throughout the film, "Dead Poets Society", directed by Peter Weir, the story of an English teacher who presents inspiration throughout the tool of poetry, displays key purposes in which we can all learn from. When eight, teenaged, boys are put through preparatory school where their environment is clustered with the pressure of their parents desired futures for them, conflict endures. This teaches one to not only follow their ambitions but to also open their eyes and dissect knowledge that cannot necessarily be learnt through a textbook.

It was Neal Tomlinson's generosity that helped make's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization officially 8 years ago. From the beginning Neal had a desire and passion to help children in need. Both he and his wife Nicole put themselves through college working side jobs and understand what it takes to become successful. Neal joined the army and eventually put himself through law school. Nicole worked at a local casino to put herself through UNLV, and then earned her real estate license. The two share their success by mentoring children in the Marty Hennessy Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Just eight years ago the Stirling Club, Charlie Palmer group, a handful of members and entertainment legend Tony Bennett teamed up with Marty Hennessy, Mike Agassi and Ryan Wolfington to start a youth foundation that would give children an opportunity to play tennis, have leadership experiences, and academic help in hopes of earning scholarships to college. When it began, the poster child of the organization was Frideric Prandecki. He was the first child the foundation supported. Frideric, along with others that followed, have always been part of a program called "Earning your way." In this program they work for their scholarships as a way to understand the value of what has been given.

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